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Treasury of World’s Fair Art & Architecture: Selection with an Eye to Traditional Cooperative Cataloging Programs

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The Treasury of World’s Fair Art & Architecture was digitally published by the UMD Office of Digital Collections & Research in 2006. While is utilized the most cutting edge technological platforms, it was strategically designed to feed into Traditional Co-operative Cataloging Programs. This poster will discuss the strategic value in all phases of collaborative digital projects to attend to traditional library practices. From the inception of this project, the potential contribution of unestablished names to the National Authority File was valued greatly by library administration and was key to demonstrating that this small project had a high return in mainstream value, significantly raising its profile as a prioritized project.

Patricia Kosco Cossard, M.A., M.L.S.

Architecture, Planning, and Preservation Librarian

University of Maryland Libraries


WPA Murals in California: a small digitization project

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Inspired by the discovery of Works Progress Administration (WPA)-era murals on the San Diego State University (SDSU) campus, Laurel Bliss and Lisa Lamont received a university grant to document WPA murals throughout California. The project’s goal is to create a freely accessible image database which will put the SDSU murals into their historical context. Some of our challenges were that we didn’t have a digital asset management system, we were creating a database for items that we did not own, and our grant money was due to expire long before we’d be finished.

Laurel Bliss
Fine Arts Librarian
Library and Information Access
San Diego State University